These are the only clinics I will be running in 2024!

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Kitesurfing Clinics and Camps

If you’re looking to drastically improve any of your twintip kitesurfing skills in a fun and effective manner. The big air kite clinics are the best option for you!  You will get the best coaching including video analysis (Drone and beach video), theory lessons and radio communication during sessions. Chances are you’ll meet lifelong kitesurfing buddies in this kite camp, including me! Make sure you don’t miss out on insane progression and guaranteed fun.

personalized coaching

At the start of the clinic, we'll create a personalized plan. This way we can constructively work towards your goals.

Theory lessons

An important pillar in learning a new skill is understanding the theory behind it. My presentations prove themselves effective over and over.

video analysis

Seeing yourself making the mistake, a crucial part of learning new skills. During the whole clinic, we'll have a cameraman on the beach.

epic vibes

Epic kiting, relaxing yoga, fun at the dinner table, intensive training. There's truly never been a boring moment in one of my clinics.

I'm biased, read what my clients say

Wanna get good at Big Air FAST?

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  • The biggest mistake you don’t want to make
  • How long should your sessions be?
  • The best conditions for progress
  • The comfort zone
  • And more!