Tarifa 1-Day Clinics feat. Janek!

Coaching with Janek and Mike
Epic video from each clinic
Video analysis

1 Day Clinics!

If you’re looking to drastically improve any of your twintip kitesurfing skills in a fun and effective manner, our big air kite clinics are the best option for you! The clinics will take place in Tarifa during the wind period Tuesday 25 – Sunday 30 May. We will only run 1 clinic a day. We will choose the day with the forecast that is best suited to the level of the riders in the clinic and their ambitions!

Clinic 1: How to do Bigger Jumps and Heli Loops / Landing Loops

Clinic 2: How to do Kite Loops

You and 5 other riders will focus on the same goals and push your limits together. The benefit of this window period is that we will be able to be selective about when we run each clinic, ensuring that we can get the best conditions for you to progress!
My professional camera-man will be filming us with top-quality gear, giving you sick memories of your big sends and giving us examples of what we can improve upon!

Plenty of coaching attention

I want to make sure that you will get plenty of personal attention. Therefore, this clinic is open to maximum 6 participants and Janek and I will both be coaching with Bluetooth radio headsets. The things you’ll learn in this clinic will valuable throughout your entire big air kiting career. We will set out clear goals, go through theory lessons and have intensive video analysis sessions.

What your level should be

Each clinic has a specific focus. We do manage to coach people with different levels in my clinics, but in these day clinics, we want you to choose a clinic that is appropriate to your level. If you aren’t ready for kiteloops, that’s fine. Join our bigger jumps and heli loops clinics and we’ll help you get ready for kiteloops!

Theory sessions

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

When we’re out there ripping, we often don’t know why doing what we do makes us go really high or how it all really works. When we crash a jump or a loop, we often wonder ‘what the shit happened?‘. Well I’ve made it my mission to understand these things and explain them to you as simply as possible.

I’ll give you the theory and understanding you need to conquer your kiting goals!

€330/$405 per clinic

Book now for insane progression

The clinics cost $405 US. There is a $100 deposit to secure your spot. Please bring the remaining $305/€250 in cash.

Details Deposit Qty
Deposit for How to do Bigger Jumps and Heli Loopsshow details +$100.00 (USD)  
Deposit for How to do Kite Loopsshow details +$100.00 (USD)  

Masks will be worn at all times when we are indoors. We will eat outside. I kindly ask that everyone practices social distancing.

There are no refunds for day clinics. Please only book if you are certain you can make it.

We will choose the best spot on the day, within max 1 hour driving distance.

I will try to move the window to find some wind and give you the option of a refund. Whatever suits you best!