Here’s the game plan! We’re gonna hop aboard a Super Yacht with a couple other legends and go kiting on the Red Sea in Egypt. We’re gonna shred stunning blue waters, kite until our legs fall off and eat delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- you’re gonna need it after all the kiting!

Super-Luxury Kite Clinic

8 days on the Red Sea, Egypt​
6-13 April 2023

More than just a kite trip

The goal of this clinic is to bring passionate kiters together in a fun, collaborative environment to work on being the best versions of ourselves. It’s a trip in which we will progress as kiters, push ourselves to learn new things, both on and off the water, and possibly even walk away with life-long friendships.

The best accommodation - seriously

I know exactly what you need after a long day of kiting! A hot shower, an air-conditioned room to chill in and a comfy bed to recover for the next day’s shredding. Voila!

The best food

We’re going to be kiting for hours every day, so we’ve got to make sure we’re putting tasty, nutritious food in our bellies! We will have 3 meals a day and snacks at the beach to keep us shredding err’day!

Radio coaching

We use BBTalkin radios so that we can talk to each other whilst you’re on the water. I give you exactly the advice you need, right when you need it!

Kite Clinic (3)

Theory sessions

It’s my job to take years of trial and error and share the optimal path for you to progress. I communicate the lessons I’ve learnt along my journey in many different ways. One of the most important ways to learn is in the classroom, before we hit the water! Once you’re truly able to understand something, you’re much more capable of doing it. I’ve got a presentation to break down every fundamental of big air kiting, from edging, to take off, to heli loops, kiteloops, gear selection and more.

Video Analysis

Not only will my camera-man film sick clips for you to remember this amazing trip, but we will also dissect every detail of your kiting to find out what we’re doing well, what we’re doing wrong and figure out the path to progress. Seeing yourself making the mistakes is a crucial part of learning new skills.

Transport to and from the airport is included

We will pick up you up from the airport and take you to the Marina the day of the clinic. If you arrive a few days early, we’ll have you picked up and dropped off at your hotel.

The perfect conditions for you to progress

Warm, flat water and wind almost every day. If that’s not a recipe for progress, I don’t know what is! Please consult this table to see what kites you should bring.

These sizes are assuming you are riding a bow/delta kite (CORE XR, Duotone Rebel/Evo, Naish Pivot, Ozone Edge, North Orbit). If you are riding a more C-shaped kite like a GTS, Nexus, Dice, etc. then you can add 1 meter to the sizes you see below.

 Intermediate kiterExpert kiter
Small (<70kg)Regular (70-85kg)Large (85kg+)Small (<70kg)Regular (70-85kg)Large (85kg+)
Very strong wind778788/9
Strong wind89999/109/10
Light to moderate wind121213.513.513.513.5

How you get there

All you’ve gotta do is fly to Hurghada International Airport (at any time that suits you) and I’ll have you collected in a private transfer.

It’s a 20 minute drive from the airport to the beautiful Hurghada Marina. Also there are great flight options into Hurghada from most countries 👌

Tons of other fun when we aren't kiting!

We should get wind most, if not all days. But if we don’t score every day, we’ve got heaps of other activities on the yacht!

  • Scuba diving (world class)
  • Tow-ups behind the boat (🤫 don’t tell anyone heehee)
  • Snorkeling (world class)
  • Foiling behind the Zodiacs and the yacht
  • Wing Foiling (we will have 1 complete, beginner-friendly setup)
  • Stand Up Paddle-boarding
  • Yoga
  • Beach Tennis
  • Fishing
  • Handstands and Calisthenics with Mike
  • Chess and cards

The game-plan!

We’ve made this itinerary to make sure that we’ve got time for work, play and personal time. We understand that you’ve got work and other things to do, so feel free to jump in and out whenever you like.

Try the latest CORE gear

If you’re looking to ride the best gear, I’m happy to give you the opportunity! I still ask that you bring all your own gear, as there is limited demo gear available and we have to share.

I bring extra XR’s and bars to my clinic so you can see what all the fuss is about. I’ve heard people say that great riders could even shred on an IKEA bag, but that simply isn’t true. We’re talking about highly technical, aerodynamic wings at the end of the day and some of them are simply better than others. CORE is not the only great kite out there, don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed riding other kites, but I choose to ride CORE because I’ve found the performance and the quality of the gear beats everything else I’ve ever ridden. 

Bring your significant other

We’re gonna have such an amazing time on this trip! Trust me, you’re gonna want to bring your partner!

You’re welcome to bring a friend as your partner or come solo! Totally up to you!

My assistant coaches are legends!

I’m gonna make sure you level up during this clinic and I’ve got my personally-trained assistant coaches (Mostafa Abbas and another coach) to help give you the guidance you need when you need it!

So you’ll get plenty of time with me and when you aren’t on the radios with me, you’ll either do your own thing or get radio coaching from my coaches.

Reserve your spot now!

Pay the deposit now with PayPal or credit card. Pay the rest into my US or EU bank account within 3 weeks.

From $7849

  • 7 nights accommodation and all meals included
  • All beverages, alcoholic or otherwise, are included
  • Coaching by Mike
  • 2 x Assistant coaches to give you coaching when Mike is focused on other students
  • Bring your significant other (FREE)
  • Daily calisthenics and stretching sessions at your level (optional, but encouraged)
  • Airport Transport
  • Pictures and videos of you jumping super high - incl. 1 video edit just for you!
  • Video analysis
  • Theory lessons and presentations
  • Beach-front resort
  • Windy every day

You book your spot by reserving a cabin! I’ve got 2 options for you:

  • 1 Cabin for 1 Coaching Guest + 1 Non-coaching guest -- $7,849
  • 1 Cabin for 2 x Coaching Guests -- $10,849

Pay the deposit now to reserve your spot and the remainder within 2 weeks of booking.

You’re welcome to bring a friend as your partner or come solo! Totally up to you!

1 of my guests canceled due to an injury, so 1 spot has just opened up

Details Deposit Qty
1 Cabin for 1 Coaching Guest + 1 Non-coaching guest $7,849show details + $1,000.00 (USD)  
1 Cabin for 2 Coaching Guests $10,849show details + $1,000.00 (USD)   Sold Out
1 Cabin - Waiting Listshow details + $0.00 (USD)   Sold Out


As long as you are able to ride independently and you aren’t a total beginner, you will find immense value in joining the clinic.

Internet on the yacht is not super reliable so I wouldn’t count on it. I expect we will have coverage most of the time, as we did on previous trips, but don’t count on it.

Most countries do not require a visa to enter Egypt for tourism for stays of up to 30 days. Please give it a quick search for your country.

Please bring an EU travel adapter like this.

You can cancel any time before making the final payment and receive a full refund. The final payment is due 2 weeks from when you book the trip.

If you cancel after making the final payment, I will attempt to sell the spot. If I manage to sell it (after selling any remaining spots I have), I will give you a refund. If I am not able to sell it, then I can’t offer a refund.

Unfortunately I can’t offer a more flexible cancellation policy without exposing myself to too much risk. Thanks for your understanding.

Cancellations do happen from time to time and I’ve always managed to sell the spot and refund my guests, but it’s not a guarantee.