How do I get to Tarifa?

Driving in a rental car from Malaga airport to Tarifa is the easiest way to get to Tarifa.

The alternative is a bus (there are regular buses from TG Comes:

My preferred option is to rent a car from Record Go ( or Goldcar (
I typically rent a car without insurance for around 1 or 2 Euro per day (yes, for real) and take out worldwide, year-round car rental insurance ( Don’t tell the car rental companies that we know their secrets, because it would be rad to keep capitalizing on this for a few more years ;). There is a 1100+ Euro excess if you don’t take the insurance option from the rental companies, so be aware of that. But if your car is damaged, World Wide Insure will likely cover you. They covered me when my car was damaged from a stranger opening their door into mine and making a big dent. So I do recommend renting a car if you find some affordable options.

P.S. You can save some bucks by avoiding the toll road to Tarifa if you like. It only takes 20 minutes or so longer.

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